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Coffee Angels Mobile Catering NI

Parties & Celebrations

The Coffee Angels Tuk Tuk is a hit at every kind of celebration.  We’ve been to birthday parties, retirement dos, reunions, family hooleys.  If you want something a little quirky, include us in your party plans.

The talented Tuk Tuk is a great surprise for guests, serving barista coffee, tea, hot chocolate and baked treats…indoors or outside.  Even on rainy days now that we have a new gazebo.  So everything is covered!

See us in party mode on our Gallery page.

Coffee Angels Mobile Catering NI


Now that the choice of options is endless, it opens up oodles of possibilities to do something different and unique that reflects your individuality.  The traditional may not be everyone’s thing, or the off-beat, but good coffee always is!

Coffee Angels is the perfect addition to the day, should you be having your ceremony or reception in a courtyard, field, barn, garden, tent, car park or disused building (it’s been done before!).  It couldn’t be easier to give your guests superb coffee and a Tuk Tuk encounter they’ll always remember.

P.S.  The Tuk Tuk is a natural for wedding photos too.

To hire Coffee Angels:  Visit our contact page and fill in the form, including any special requests.  We’ll get back to you quickly with availability and costs.