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Coffee Angels Mobile Catering NI

In 2019 I never dreamed I’d be hitting the byways bringing flat whites and millionaire’s shortbread to country fairs and school sports days.  But when the opportunity came up, I jumped at it, as it suited my love of the open road, meeting people, and going to parties.  Now I get invited everywhere, as long as I bring my Tuk Tuk.

A friend started the business, but when other commitments took over, I was asked if I might be interested.  I didn’t hesitate for a second.  Zero experience?  No clue? No problem.  I went with my instinct and spirit of adventure.

Having adopted Coffee Angels complete with Tuk Tuk, I needed a proper immersion in the world of coffee.  So I learned from the masters, taking a barista course with Johnson’s Coffee, Lisburn.

Coffee Angels Mobile Catering NI

After many ups and downs and lessons learned that first year, I wanted to put my own personality on the business with a rebrand.   I have to thank a good friend for the fantastic new design; it’s friends and family you rely on when starting up a new venture.  The eye-catching makeover has given Coffee Angels a real boost.

Now we’re going to new places and making loads of new contacts, fans and friends, all thanks to the excellent coffee and my quirky Tuk Tuk.

This year I added a gazebo, branded to the hilt, so that Coffee Angels can be part of even more events…and is even easier to spot.

Follow our latest travels and adventures on the blog and our Facebook page.

Looking forward to meeting you!  Jacs @ Coffee Angels

Follow our latest travels and adventures on the blog and our Facebook page