Corporate, Sports and Schools

Coffee Angels Mobile Catering NI

Corporate coffee from our Tuk Tuk

Coffee Angels has become a regular attraction at sporting and charity gatherings, country fairs, markets, festivals, school events and agricultural shows.  Star of thousands of selfies, our Tuk Tuk is a magnet for the curious, hungry, thirsty and anyone who loves the unusual. It’s a fun day out for us too.

Meanwhile, back at the office, the Tuk Tuk is hard at work bringing smiles and caffeine to the corporate environment too.  Coffee Angels adds profile and a friendly personal touch to your exhibitions, new product launches, opening of new premises or hospitality events.

Certain to boost morale

And a Coffee Angels break is a nice ‘thank you’ for your team.  As a morale booster, a Tuk Tuk bearing seriously good coffee is pretty sweet.

For indoor and outdoor events, we’re just the right size and the gazebo keeps the weather at bay.

To see our Tuk Tuk and team in action all ‘round Northern Ireland, visit our Gallery.

Recruit Coffee Angels:  Visit our contact page and complete the form, including any special requests.  We’ll get back to you quickly with availability and costs.