Portadown Market Saturday 27th January 2018

Coffee Angels, mobile Italian tuk tuk serving, barista coffee, tea/herbal tea, hot chocolate mallows and cream will be at Portadown Market this Saturday.  Do not miss out on live music and fun for all the family.

Jacs xx


Look out for Coffee Angels Tuk Tuk in 2018

It’s  that time of year when I take time out to give the tuk tuk a bit of tender loving care so it will look fabulous for upcoming events, and of course those very special wedding days.

We’ve stripped her back and put her together again, polished her and brought her wheels back to life.  Next I will be giving her a name!!

I’m looking forward to the brighter nights and getting back out there again.  In my next blog I will have a look at the menu and some great coffee recipes.

If you would like to add something to the menu please drop me a comment as all suggestions are welcome.


Jacs xx